Monday, July 20, 2009

Durango (Lake Vallecito) CO - July 20, 2009

Relax & Unwind 6 x 1point5

It’s 8:00 am... I’m the only one up. I’m always the only one up first thing in the morning. I live with a bunch of bears who hibernate as long as they possibly can!! It could also be the air up here at 8000 feet which is so cool, feels good and smells good.

So, I’m sitting outside in my pj pants, tshirt and sweatshirt (because it is a little cooler here - YAY) with my coffee at the picnic table in front of the cabin by the big tree which is the one and only spot we can best pirate someone’s unlocked wireless network signal!! :-) It doesn’t seem to work so well from inside the cabin, so sitting outside the cabin is the only option if you want to communicate with the outside world. Note - cell phones still don’t work. Ask the teenager who is devastated she can’t do much texting with her friends and Bryan. Hi Bryan. She tells me Bryan is reading the blog so everyone say hi to Bryan! Everyone: “HI!”. :-)

Back to the peace and quiet that is surrounding me at this moment. It’s lovely. No car sounds. No horns. No morning commute. No kids griping (yet). No phones ringing. No emails to check in my inbox. No Starbucks (oh darn, I like this one).

All replaced with calming, lovely sounds. The lake lapping against the shore. The birds twirping and singing in the tall pine and aspen trees. The squirrels scurrying by. The occasional fishing boat on the lake trolling for fish. The coffee brewing in the kitchen (not Starbucks). Me typing on the computer. THAT’S IT my friends.

Me.... loving life right now.




Lynn said...

First off, I love the vacation header! It is very, very clever and truly delightful.

Secondly, I know exactly where you are. Been there many, many times, caught some rainbow trout and learned about "snipe" hunting. lol Don't know if you plan to do Silverton, but taking the narrow gauge train from Durango is a wonderful trip.

Stay safe and am praying travel mercies for you.

Mary-Austin said...

Hey Lynn -

Yep.. beautiful up here isn't it!! We are going to go fishing later today I believe. Plus the Bar D Chuckwagon dinner tonight. Plans to go on the train tomorrow!

Thanks for the kind comments on the header!! I had fun making it.

Stacey said...

glad you are having fun!!! Brian huh? Hmmmmmmm.....